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Software License Management

Software License Management

According to the Business Software Alliance (BSA), 43% of software installed on personal computers around the world – including servers, workstations, laptops and tablets at organizations of all sizes – is not properly licensed. Incorrectly licensed software has huge implications for the enterprise, not only in terms of potential fines and penalties if the issue is discovered but also in terms of information security impacts. The BSA identified that 64% of users indicated that they fear an increased likelihood of unauthorized access or loss of data from trojaned software if it were installed on their networks and systems. If you are one of these, install Software License Management and secure your network from any illegitimate user.

Identifying Executable Programs

Traditionally, software license management is a difficult task; the larger the organization, the more complex the task becomes. For organizations with hundreds or thousands of systems, understanding the depth of software on systems goes far beyond capturing what’s been installed using standard installer packages. Identifying executable programs that sit outside of installation scripts, capturing version numbers and dependencies, and ensuring that software isn’t compromised are all critical aspects of ensuring that the enterprise has no liability exposure and – more importantly – isn’t exposing their data to attackers and malware.

Promisec Software License Management enables you to see what software is installed on endpoints and categorizes your SW and HW assets in the process. Knowing what you got and who is using it not only allows you to pay what for what you need, but also to protect and defend effectively for what you are actually running.

Do You Trust Your Users to Properly Use their Licensed Software? If Not, Then Deploy Software License Management

Promisec Endpoint manager can help with Software License and Asset Management.

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