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Promisec for GDPR Compliance

Improve your GDPR compliance with a solution that provides clientless endpoint management, visibility and control, addresses GDPR requirements and has the ability to detect, monitor and remediate policy violations.

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The Challenge

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) imposes strict obligations concerning data security and breach notification. In the event of a data breach, the GDPR mandates that the victim organization:

  1. Reports precisely to the regulator and the customers/suppliers that their data was breached what happened, when, how, etc.
  2. Provides a complete and accurate damage assessment (especially concerning the leakage of personally identifiable information).
  3. Takes swift responsive action to limit damage.
  4. Completes all of the above within 72 hours.

GDPR compliance remains a strong driver for the enterprise endpoint security market. As businesses are scrutinized for their ability to comply with stringent regulations, the need for endpoint security and management intensifies.

Promisec provides you the means to comply with GDPR requirements, providing an accurate assessment of damage along with swift policy violations mitigation – in minutes. We provide automated 24/7 remote endpoints management capabilities, so you can monitor, manage, secure and optimize IT assets and policies across all managed accounts, from a single control console.

Promisec – Ensuring GDPR Compliance at the Endpoint Level


One of the most challenging tasks faced by CISOs and chief risk managers is maintaining compliance at the endpoints.

Users often ignore procedures and notices to install updates that might interfere with their work. They also tend to use a variety of unauthorized software, peripheral devices and freeware at their workstations. Such misconduct dramatically increases the risk of exposing invaluable corporate data and causing enormous and costly damage. Until now, organizations have had to rely on a combination of innovative technological solutions and a strong, reliable infrastructure to keep critical corporate data and all machines in compliance.

Today, Promisec eliminates such threats and enables you to manage your entire internal network 24/7. So, you can ensure that all endpoints are installed with the latest updates and service packs, all clients (agents) are up to date and operational, and no unauthorized changes are made at the endpoint level. You can be confident that every endpoint deployed on the network is in compliance with your organization’s anti-virus, firewall and 3rd party policies, regardless of the vendor. Since Promisec is able to show you a complete picture of all network endpoints, without relying on any client involvement, this assurance is guaranteed.

Being clientless, Promisec’s solutions are lightweight, working with unparalleled speed, accuracy and comprehensive visibility on unlimited endpoints and servers, in a globally distributed environment. When compared to the commonly-used, heavy, less efficient, agent-based solutions that offer limited visibility and accuracy, take up large amounts of network bandwidth and are slow to install- this is nothing short of revolutionary.

Last but not least, Promisec’s unprecedented visibility identifies problems and policy violations in real time. More than just another monitoring solution, we provide robust contextual (“right-click”) remediation options for security executives and IT Administrators. All in all, Promisec’s remote solutions offer the fastest, easiest way to remediate endpoint problems.

Achieve GDPR Compliance

Using patented agentless technology that delivers 100% accuracy through unprecedented visibility, Promisec proactively analyzes and fixes IT endpoint issues, guaranteeing greater GDPR compliance by relevant departments.

The core capabilities of our precise, remote and clientless remediation patent tools include:

  • Exposure of unauthorized applications (‘Black List’)
  • Management of anti-virus agents, personal firewall & HIPS and all third-party agents
  • Implementation status of patch and service packs
  • Identification of unauthorized devices and connections
  • Activation of internal network file sharing
  • Detection of unmanaged and virtual machines
  • Continuous, automatic gathering of evidence from endpoint activities
  • Automated incorporation of threat intelligence information from the growing international Promisec community
  • Provision of clean, always-available evidence for forensics and present-and-future investigations
  • Accurate determination and reporting of full damage and asset assessment
  • Rapid return to normal operations after any incident

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